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Specialized marketing consultants in the global food industry.

Overview     Core Business     Clients     Case Studies

We were founded in 1986 by Tom Payne, who sought to bring a level of energy and dedication to the business to business side of consulting and marketing.  Initially, the firm was called Thomas J. Payne & Associates.  Tom felt there was a need for a market consulting firm that specialized in the food industry, that understood the business, language and culture.  

The philosophy behind TJP's business is to merge the disciplines of food science, marketing and communications in order to help clients achieve their objectives.  This specialty has been very successful.  We have maintained our original client base and have expanded to new clients and activities each year.  Since founding, we have developed a worldwide reputation in the marketing area and have expanded operations into more than 50 countries worldwide.  Tom believes that if you are going to consult--you must also be able to do!  Tom has also expanded into small business activity where he works with and forms small companies and industries around the world taking new items from seed to market.  Some of our clients say we are not your average consulting firm.  We take a fresh, slightly unorthodox approach to business, cut through the red tape and at all times, have a good time at what we do.  This is why we succeed and also why something interesting is always happening at TJPMD!  

Core Business

Market Development     International Consulting   Small Business Consulting

Market Development:

TJPMD has pioneered the discipline of food technology marketing.  Quite simply, because we understand the science of food, we are able to represent an industry or ingredient supplier to the food processing industry.  We see things from a technical, marketing and communications angle and help become a member of the client's ingredient marketing team.

Food Science: TJPMD  sees food from a technical angle and develops reasons why a specific ingredient works in a food manufacturing process. 

  • Ingredient Documentation
  • Technical Analysis
  • Comparative analysis 

Marketing: TJPMD uses  marketing expertise to study the various components of the food industry to find logical market niches and avenues for product usage.  

  • Market Research & Trade Structure

Communications: TJPMD uses valid communications channels such as magazine articles, web sites, trade shows and other avenues to get the client's message across to the potential customer.

  • Trade Publicity & Advertisements
  • Presentations
  • Trade shows

Evaluation:  TJPMD programs are evaluated and success is measured and proven to clients.  

International Consulting

Overview     Research & Recon     International Marketing     

If you want to discover new lands , you must leave sight of the shore...TJP is an American company working around the world.  Our philosophy is that you must first do good business in your home country before you are of use overseas, and we have paid our dues on the home front (See TJP SF).

For the past 19 years, we have taken our discipline abroad working successfully for US and foreign clients on marketing research and development activities. 

Research and Recon. We go into a market and rapidly receive a true read on conditions and possibilities for your product.   You do not need an econometric model of the macro-economic situation of a country.   You need to know: What's happening? Will my product sell? For how much and to whom?  We have worked now in more than 50 countries, and know the players in the food industry and trade.  We work with in-country experts who know what is going on and help you get right down to business. Oh yes -- if you do want an econometric model we can do those too!

  • Country reports, statistics, trade channels
  • Feasibility studies
  • Introductory contacts and visits to foreign markets
  • Local representation assistance

International Marketing.  Our clients here in the USA have relied upon us to help them break into new markets.  We hit the beach, set up product introductions, work with locals to get the product into the food industry and the marketplace.  We work with media to do market promotional activities to help introduce a product to the people and help make the initial sales.

  • Publicity in Foreign Language Trade Publications. Spread the word on your product in-country.
  • Publications. Document products in the language of the country you are targeting.  We do technical translations, checked in-country by professionals with business sense. We also publish newsletters and direct mailings to specific target audiences.
  • International Web Sites. Develop and publish web sites to help companies develop a presence in-country.  We were one of the first to develop Japanese Kanji Web sites for our clients!
  • Trade Shows.  We arrange and staff trade show exhibits in the food industry.
  • Arrange Meetings and Seminars.  We set up professional meetings, appointments with companies and host technical seminars at Universities and trade schools where you can get your message across and develop a local presence.
  • Business Introductions and Assistance.  We know the movers in the food industry in more than 50 countries and can give your firm a head start, with key introduction and assistance in getting started in the market.

Small Business Consulting

We work for foreign firms and industries to find their way into the US and foreign markets.  As experts in the USA food industry, we are adept at explaining the realities of market entry, introductions and alternative marketing channels.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Product or ingredient sourcing in the USA and Abroad
  • Product technical troubleshooting and assistance.

wpe1.jpg (36945 bytes)Case study: Peruvian Aji Collection- TJPMD worked from the ground up with a Peruvian partner to help introduce a line of specialty Peruvian peppers in the the USA.  This included all aspects of the business, seed collection, package design, importation, marketing and promotion.  We are still in business and famous in Peru.  We also export to countries around the world.  Take a look at our online catalog, and remember all visits begin and end at the gift shop!  (view)


Long Term Programs (10 or more years)

Current Programs (5 years or less)

Project Work

  • APEDA, Department of Trade, Government of India, New Delhi, India
  • World Bank, Washington DC.
    • Madagascar, Vanilla, Diversification
    • Central African Republic, Diversification
    • Morocco, Diversification
  • Land O'Lakes International Dairy Division, Honduras, Dairy
  • US-Aid, Washington DC.
    • Mozambique, Cashew Industry
    • Afghanistan, project Administration
  • Central Asian Development Group, Kandahar, Afghanistan
  • Indonesian Trade Promotion Council, Jakarta, 24 different research studies on food and related items.
  • Industrial Development Corporation, Sandton, Republic of South Africa, advisor.  


Case Studies

Copyright 2005

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